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Welcome to the 2015 Alpha Psi Rodeo!

This yearís Alpha Psi Rodeo will be held on Saturday, April 11. The headlining act and the supporting artists will be announced soon.

Alpha Psi Rodeo is an amateur rodeo, presented by the only male fraternity associated with the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.  The rodeo is the largest single fundraising event conducted by students in Auburn.

Dating back to 1965, the event has taken place in the spring of each year for the last 50 years. Rodeo contestants consist of Auburn students as well as individuals not affiliated with Auburn University. Team contestants consist primarily of small groups formed within fraternities and sororities. Come watch these brave souls give their best efforts at bull riding, bronc riding, calf-roping, calf-wrestling, and tug of war.

Following the rodeo, there will be a band for your entertainment. The crowd has grown bigger each year, and includes local citizens, students, faculty, and alumni. In addition, Alpha Psi Rodeo has gained attendees from multiple universities across the southeast including: UGA, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Florida State, Clemson, Ole Miss, and Alabama.

Each individual ticket contributes to the cause of the event; the contributions are primarily donated to local charities and organizations, as well as providing quality entertainment for the event. On behalf of Alpha Psi Fraternity, we thank everyone who attended the 50th Annual Alpha Psi Rodeo, and became a part of one of the greatest events at Auburn. We hope it was rewarding for each attendee and can continue as one of Auburnís greatest parties during the nicest time of year.










Alpha Psi Rodeo  |  April 2015