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Buy Tickets

 Before you buy your tickets, don't forget to check out What's New in 2017!

Tickets prices will start at $40 and increase to $50 after March 3rd 11:59 pm. Get your tickets early to save!



- No coolers or alcohol can be brought in this year (there will be alcohol sold inside)
- No riding in the back of trucks (you will be turned away)
- No guns or weapons
- No refunds


Presales begin Thursday, February 9th.

The presale buying options will be:

   1. Order your tickets from our website and pick them up at Anders Bookstore at a later date.

   2. Order tickets online and have them shipped to you at a later date. 



 After the presale, there will be 3 ways to buy a ticket.  


1. Buy them in store at Anders Bookstore in downtown Auburn. 

       Accepting cash or cards in 2017! 

             Store Location: 212 West Magnolia Ave, (right next to McDonalds)

             Store Hours:

                - Monday - Thursday: 7:45 AM - 7:00 PM

                - Friday: 7:45 AM - 6:00 PM

                - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

                - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

2. Order them online from our website and pick them up at Anders Bookstore.

Online Order date: Tickets will be ready at Anders:
Thurs, Feb 9 - Wed, Feb 22 Monday, Feb 27th at 1pm
Thurs, Feb 23 - Wed, March 1 Monday, March 6 at 1pm
Thurs, March 2 - Wed, March 8  Monday, March 13 at 1pm
Thurs, March 7 - Wed, March 15 Monday, March 20 at 1pm
Starting Thurs, March 16, tickets will only be available at Anders Bookstore.


3. Order them online from our website and have them shipped to you (most expensive option).  Expect 10-14 days for delivery.



  • We have PLENTY of parking, and it's only $10 per vehicle!
  • Everyone in the vehicle must have a ticket
  • No more parking pass scalpers charging $200+ for a pass!
  • No fake parking passes over-filling the lot before you get there!





   - We WILL NOT replace lost or stolen tickets for any reason.

   - Please bring an ID.

   - There are NO refunds.

   - **For a chance to win a VIP ticket upgrade, donate $20 or more directly

     to our philanthropy efforts.**

          - The option to donate will be available on our website and in-store at Anders Bookstore.

          - The drawing for this upgrade will be Tuesday, March 21st.

          - This drawing will allow one lucky winner to upgrade their order to

             VIP status (limit 4 tickets).






Online order checkout process:

Here are some screen shots that will help you if you get confused while checking out.


1) Don't Select Shipping at this point




2) Select Shipping Here




3) You don't have to use PayPal.  you can use a credit or debit card here: