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This page contains many answers to our frequently asked questions. 


What changes have been made this year?

For 2017, our main changes are safety measures and the parking system.  Each vehicle will be required to purchase a CASH ONLY parking pass on the day of the event upon entering the parking area.  To purchase this parking pass, each passenger mst show a Round-Up ticket.  Parking will not be limited!!!  We are implementing a wide variety of changes that are not only going to make Round-Up a safer event but an even more fun and exciting event to take part in.  If you would like to see what new safety measures and fun/interactive events we have going on at the 2016 Rodeo check out the What's New in 2017 page.


Why did we change the name to Round-Up?

In an effort to continue our mission of philanthropy and community ourtreach, we have decided to start a "back to our roots" campaign.  Round-Up was the original name for an amateur rodeo held by the Alpha Psi Fraternity for veterinary students as long ago as 1965!  This rodeo has become incredibly successful thanks to the tremendous support from the Auburn community and people from all over the country, and with this success comes a new set of challenges.  Going "back to our roots" is just one way we have decided to combat these challenges.  Please see the What's New in 2017 page for more information on changes.


Why did Alpha Psi Alumni Association step in to plan and produce Round-Up?

As you might imagine, planning an event of this magnitude is a long and time-consuming process.  As veterinary students, the brothers of Alpha Psi traditionally had to balance a rigorous academic course load with the trials of planning an event that sells thousands of tickets year after year.  The active brothers are tremendously grateful to the alumni, and some brothers have even offered their services as volunteers.  You can find more information on the What's New in 2017 page.


How much are tickets this year?

Tickets will be $40 this year, until March 3rd at 11:59 pm (central).  After that, the price will rise to $50.  Buy your tickets early to save! 


Can my friends ride to Rodeo in the back of my truck?

No guests will be allowed to enter, or exit the property in the back of trucks.


Why do you still use paper ticketing?

The brothers of Alpha Psi have dedicated a lot of time and effort into insuring that Rodeo runs smoothly each year.  Using emailed and "print at home" tickets resulted in problems with counterfeit tickets, so the REAL paper tickets take a lot of that risk out of the process.  

Improving from last year, we are offering 3 options for buying tickets:

  1) Buy locally (CASH OR CARD) from Anders Bookstore in Downtown Auburn (fastest and cheapest option)

  2) Buy online and pick up your tickets at Anders 

  3) Buy online and have your tickets shipped to you (FedEx Shipping ends on March 15th)

See the Buy Tickets page for more info.


Why have you changed venues?

The Alpha Psi Rodeo will be taking place at Sistrunk Farms this year, in the same general area as the previous few years.  The main reason for the change was to make Rodeo a more safe and accessible location for all.  With this new location, we have been able to park everyone on site, and easily accommodate shuttles as well.


What is being done to prevent people from printing multiple tickets?

In 2017, the tickets will again be printed by a professional printer and will include security features to prevent unauthorized duplication. Tickets may be BOUGHT LOCALLY at Anders Bookstore in Downtown Auburn, or ordered online for Pickup at Anders, or ordered online with instructions to FedEx them to you with a tracking number. We are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

See the Buy Tickets page for more info.


I’ve heard ticket sales will be limited, is that true?

Beginning with the 2011 Rodeo, ticket sales were limited in an effort to ensure that the Rodeo runs smoothly. This policy continues to be in place.


How will I receive my tickets, where are they shipped?

Again in 2017, the CHEAPEST and EASIEST way to get your tickets will be to BUY THEM AT ANDERS BOOKSTORE IN DOWNTOWN AUBURN.  

If you choose to buy online, you may select "Local Pickup" from Anders, or you may have them shipped to you.  You will be clearly asked for your shipping information while checking out, even if you select the option to pick up your ticket(s) at Anders.  See the Buy Tickets page for more info on processing and delivery times.


My billing address is my parents’ address, which address should I enter when purchasing tickets?

You will be asked for an address at 2 different times.

 - The first address will be a billing address, which should match the address on your credit or debit card account.

 - The second address will be a shipping address if you choose to pay for your tickets to be shipped to you.  Enter this info even if you are picking them up at Anders.


I keep getting an error when I click “Confirm Order.”

Most errors are due to a problem with processing your credit card. If you do not receive an email receipt, your transaction has not been processed. Please note, some banks / card issuers will “hold” funds in these cases. It is not within our ability to release these funds; you must contact your bank or card issuer.


I accidentally purchased more tickets than I wanted to, can you refund some of the tickets?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. If you are unsure as to whether or not a transaction has been processed, please email us using the contact form on the Contact page, before attempting to purchase another ticket.


Does it matter whose name is on the ticket?

This was an issue with the "print at home" tickets that were used before 2014.  Since we will not be offering "print at home" tickets, the tickets are all printed in advance, and therefore there will be no names printed on the tickets.

If you are coming in from out of town for Round-Up and would like someone else to pick up your tickets for you, just specify their name when checking out online OR skip the online ordering and have them go directly to Anders Bookstore in Downtown Auburn, and pay for the tickets at one of the front cash registers (CASH or CARD accepted).


If I leave Round-Up, will I be allowed to re-enter?

Re-entry is NOT allowed this year.


Can I bring in a cooler, or alcohol in general?

There have been changes to the alcohol policy.  Alcohol cannot be brought into the venue this year.  See the What's New in 2017 page for more information on the 2017 changes.


I would like to ride in the rodeo, how do I sign up?

Entry forms are or will be located on the Participate page of the website. If you do not see a form on that page it is because we have either not started registration yet, or have already stopped taking applications. All of the information regarding entry can be found on that page.  You may also direct message us on facebook or twitter, or email us at participants.roundup@gmail.com to reserve a spot in the rodeo.

Announcements regarding entries will be posted to Facebook and Twitter as well.


I am participating in the rodeo events, do I need a ticket?

No. Your ticket is covered by your entry fees. We will provide you with a ticket after the safety meeting. This ticket is valid for entry and parking one vehicle. All contestants will be notified of the date for the safety meeting. Please note, you must bring your ID to the meeting and to the rodeo itself if you are participating in the Rodeo events.


What is the deal with parking permits?

Like in 2016, each vehicle admitted to the event will cost $10 at the gate, CASH ONLY.  Each person in the vehicle must present a Rodeo ticket to enter the parking area.


Can I just drive out and buy a ticket at the gate?

No. The last place that will be selling tickets is Anders Bookstore in Downtown Auburn.  They will still be selling throughout the day on the Saturday of the Round-Up.


Can I leave my vehicle overnight?

If you must leave your vehicle overnight, it must be removed by 12PM (noon) the next day, Sunday. You personally cannot stay overnight.


If I don't have a parking permit, how am I supposed to get to Round-Up?

Again in 2017, parking is $10 (CASH ONLY) at the gate.  Each person in the vehicle must present a Round-Up ticket to enter.


What happens if it rains on Round-Up day?

It is going to get muddy. War Damn Rodeo!


What does the Alpha Psi Alumni Association do with the proceeds of the Rodeo?

Round-Up is first and foremost a philanthropic event. Alpha Psi Alumni Association is a designated non-profit organization. Proceeds from Round-Up are donated to local and national charities. You can find information about some of our past donations here.


Can I bring my dune buggy, ATV, or RV to Round-Up?

No. Recreational vehicles such as dune buggies, ATVs, buses, campers, or Go Karts, as well as buses, are not permitted at the event. You will be refused entry at the gate if you attempt to tow or ride one into the site.


Can I bring a cooler to Round-Up?

We will not be allowing coolers into the event.  If you try to enter the event with a cooler, you may be asked to leave or the cooler will be confiscated.  See the What's New in 2017 page for more information on the 2017 changes.


Can I tailgate?

To help make this a cleaner and safer event, our event security will be instructed to direct everyone into the venue once they park.  Bring your lawn chairs and tents and enjoy the day INSIDE the venue.  See the What's New in 2017 page for more information on the 2017 changes.


Are grills permitted?

No grills will be allowed this year. Come in and grab a bite from one of our vendors!


Are kegs permitted?

No. Kegs are prohibited. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed into the event.


Are pets permitted?

No. Due to liability and safety reasons, we cannot allow any pets to enter the Rodeo.


Can I tow anything to the site?

No. If you tow anything behind your vehicle, you will be refused entry.


What should I do if my question wasn’t listed here?

Please see the website’s Contact Us page and send us a message.