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What's New in 2017


With the substantial growth and success the rodeo has enjoyed over the last several years, Alpha Psi
Fraternity recognizes that it faces many challenges moving forward that must be addressed to insure the
future sustainability of this most worthy event. We have embraced the advice and guidance we have
received from Auburn University, the city of Auburn, the Round-Up patrons, and our fraternity
leadership. We have been inspired to make the 2017 Round-Up the blueprint for the future.

 In the past few years, due to the tremendous support from the Auburn students and attendees from all over the country, the Alpha Psi Rodeo has grown to be much bigger than we ever imagined.  We could not be more excited and proud of our Rodeo, but with such growth comes a new set of challenges.  It has been said that in order for something to grow, it must change and we are very excited about the changes coming this spring.  The Theta chapter of Alpha Psi Alumni Association has graciously stepped in and taken over the process of organizing and producing Round-Up, the event formerly known as Alpha Psi Rodeo. 



1. In 2017, we will not be allowing coolers into the event.  If you have a cooler while attempting to enter the fenced in area, you will not be granted access, or the cooler will be confiscated.

2. Personal coolers and BYOB style tailgating is allowed in the parking lot as a "pre-game" style event from 11 am to 1 pm.  Our Public Safety Director and Team have approved pre-event, parking lot, BYOB tailgating - all activity must comply with state and local laws.  Let's have fun and keep it clean!

      - Tailgating is discouraged once the event starts at 1 pm. The gates to the Round-Up venue will again open at 11 am (just like in 2016), and we request that all attendees be inside the fenced-in event area once the events start.

3. Do not let this deter you! There will be multiple locations inside the venue to purchase your food and beverages. 

     - We will have a variety of vendors and drinks available at VERY affordable prices inside the venue!

**Please understand this is for your and everyone's safety.



1. We are pleased to announce that we have added another local recipient of our charitable donations!  Local humane societies and animal shelters have been added, and thanks to your generosity, we will be able to help multiple shelters in the tri-county area (Lee, Macon, Russell Counties).

2. When purchasing your ticket, you will have the opportunity to make a donation that goes straight into our philanthropic fund, so please take this into consideration.  We, as well as the selected organizations, appreciate it more than you know!


Location, Traffic, and Parking

Round-Up 2017 will be at Sistrunk Farms in Society Hill, AL.

The Alpha Psi Alumni Association understands that the traffic and parking challenges we have encountered in the past must be addressed. With the change in location of Round-Up, we will have a better plan that will help alleviate the stress encountered by law enforcement, security, and patrons who attend the event. There will be two access ways into the event location. Visit the "Map & Directions" page for different routes to Round-Up. 

1. Parking will be $10 CASH ONLY per vehicle at the gate.  Each person in the vehicle must show an event ticket for the car to be allowed to park.

       - This system is to encourage those attending to carpool and designate a driver for the day. 

2. Entry into Sistrunk Farms will be unabated. All vehicles will be able to enter off the
highway and be directed to either the North Parking Lot or the South Parking Lot.

3. Parking personnel will be positioned in both lots to park all vehicles in an organized

4. Our new parking system will reduce your time waiting, please do not show up until the gates open at 11 am.

5. No guests will be allowed to enter or exit the property in the back of trucks.



We are excited to announce there will be a $500 cash prize for the winners of the individual events at Round-Up this year (bull riding, bareback bronc, and steer wrestling), and a $300 cash prize to the winning team of the goat dressing contest. VIP access will also be awarded to the winners of each event. And along with a cash prize and VIP access, we also plan to announce the champions and present their belt buckles to them between acts of the concert.

Sign up now for your chance to win!


Guests Services

1. Ice Cold Water Stations ‐ Alpha Psi Alumni Association will provide our guests with free ice cold bottled water throughout the duration of the event. We will have several watering stations throughout the venue.

2. Light Towers ‐ Alpha Psi Alumni Association will contract a company that will install commercial
light towers in all areas of the venue, parking lots, and restroom facilities.

3. Increased Food Service ‐ Alpha Psi Alumni Association will ensure that we provide our guests
with more eating options and locations throughout the venue.

4. EMS Locations ‐ Alpha Psi Alumni Association will provide up a dedicated tent location for
EMS Services to assist our guests that are in distress. 

5. Secure Trailer Beds ‐ All Fraternity trailers must be ordered by contacting us at 65RoundUp@gmail.com . Installation of these trailers must be inspected and signed off on by the Alpha Psi Alumni Association.

6. Waste Management Operation ‐ The Alpha Psi Alumni Association has been in contact with the city
of Auburn’s Waste Management Department to create a new system of waste management. It has been recommended to us by those professionals, that we use the commercial grade green rollers the city owns, and have custodial staff working the entire event to manage waste at the rodeo and hayfield location.


Restroom Facilities

1. Alpha Psi Alumni Association has created a much more structured, sanitary, and safe restroom

2. The restroom facilities will now be divided into separate stations for men and women.

3. Alpha Psi Alumni Association will increase the number of locations and units to comply with the
recommended number needed for the guests who attend. This will include all parking areas.

4. A dedicated security detail will be stationed at the entry/exit points for both men and
women’s restroom areas to ensure safety and success.

5. A contracted sanitation company will be responsible for having an agreed upon number of staff to be on site to keep restroom areas sanitary and stocked throughout the duration of the rodeo.

6. All restroom areas will be well lit.



1. Shirts, hats, koozies and more will be released soon!  Be on the lookout for these soon!

2. Round-Up items will be available for pre-order at the Victory Designs website - https://www.victorydesigns.com

3. Round-Up Memorabilia will also be available at Anders Bookstore - get your tickets and gear at the same time!

4. Memorabilia will also be for sale at Round-Up.