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When is Rodeo?

APRIL 21st!

Where is Rodeo

Sistrunk Farms
15400 US-80
Opelika, AL 36804

What is Rodeo?

Rodeo is an all-day party that starts at the crack of dawn! Once you get to the property, there will be professional bull riding and other rodeo activities. You can even ride a bull! As we get into the afternoon, Riley Green will kick off the concert at around sunset. After that, Cole Swindell wraps up the night with a kickass show under the stars! It’s a full day of fun that you don’t want to miss!

Where do I buy tickets?

There are several options. You can buy them right here on our website. You can also purchase your ticket at Ander’s Bookstore .

What time do gates open?

8:00 AM

Will we have our IDs checked?

Yes. In order for a vehicle to enter the property with alcohol, there will need to be a 21 year old inside the vehicle. We will also be checking coolers for glass. You cannot enter the property in the back of a truck or outside of a vehicle. Everyone needs to be inside of a vehicle.

The Party


Good question. HELL YES! Just No Glass.

Is there tailgating?

Yes-Just like old times! Get ready!

Last year we had to leave the “tailgating” area by 1:00pm and purchase alcohol the rest of the day. Is that the case this year?

NOPE! There will be a tailgating and concert area, but you can go back and forth all you want and bring alcohol between both areas. If you don’t want to leave the tailgating area, you don’t have to. Just know that you’ll be missing a great show!

The Concert

When does the concert begin?

Riley Green will start at 4:30pm (sunset). Cole Swindell will start at about 6:00pm.

When does Rodeo end?

When Cole Swindell finishes his encore! We predict this will be around 8:00pm, just in time to make it back to Sky!

Will there be food options?

Well you can’t day drink without some great food! More details on some amazing food options to come!

Will I be able to buy alcohol?

There will be options in the VIP package to purchase alcohol. Otherwise we wanted Rodeo to mainly be BYOB!

The Rodeo

How can I register for the rodeo?

We will be posting details very soon!

I’ve always wanted to ride a Bull but I never have. Possible?

Yes! Details coming soon!

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